Anything towards a slicker Armonía screen...
#264 by iaicam
April 30th, 2010, 10:57 am
Hi All,

It's a tiny thing that would come in useful for me.

Is there already (or can there be) a tool in Armonia to draw lines in the main workspace?

I was just putting together a workspace to match a demo system and found myself building quite a few groups. These end up in a tree format where a master group can then be split into two groups of two amps and then into 4 stereo groups and then a few variations.

if i was able to draw lines in the workspace to represent the path of this higher archie, this would help clarify what is happening.

Just a random Friday thought for you all.

Many Thanks
#265 by BladeWise
April 30th, 2010, 11:09 am
There is currently no way to draw straight lines in the workspace, but I suppose you could use Connections to achieve a similar behaviour for the time being.
Connections can be detached from the amplifiers they are created from, so you can create a Connection, detach it from the amplifier and finally use it the way you need.

If Connections are suitable for the job, we could add them as tools, just to make this kind of operation simpler.
#266 by ThomasM
April 30th, 2010, 12:04 pm
Here is a completely different approach - requiring an extra step, but if you intend to continue using your (demo) setup, it might be worth it since the outcome would be less flexible, admittedly, but could be so much more "elegant":

Produce a graphic image of your setup or tree or so in an external program, a graphics editor, drawing or paint program, whatever, save it and import it as workspace background into Armonía. Then place your groups accordingly on the workspace. Naturally, you can make the background real pretty as most drawing programs give you many more tools than Armonía, which was and probably will never meant to be a software for the graphics artist, so to speak.

Alternatively, and the other way around, place your groups on the workspace as required or wanted, take a snapshot of the screen, then amend lines and other decoration in an external program, crop the image to the original workspace, and "re-import" it into Armonía.

You're getting the picture. Literally. ;)