Anything amplifier related, incl DSP and networking boards...
#2747 by Mark Oakley
October 30th, 2017, 8:03 pm
Hi Folks:
I recently had one of my M50Q DSP+Eth amps in for repair. It was working fine, then on the next show it wouldn't power up. Apparently 6 Mosfet's needed replacing.

Since getting it back the Ethernet port is not working. I notice that there are two flashing LED's on the port: one at the top of the port and one at the bottom. The bottom LED stays a solid green, but the top one flashes orange. Armonia is not able to "discover" the amp, and the Lantronix Device Installer is also not able to see it when asked to search. There is a Ping function in Device Installer, but it returns as "Host not found". Two questions:
1) What does the flashing orange LED indicate?
2) What do the Remote ID Selector switches do on the back panel? Nowhere are they explained in the manual.

-thanks, Mark

Note: In the newest version of Device Installer (4.4..0.4) make sure under Options/Network that Ethernet is selected. I searched for about 20 minutes before discovering this was set to Wi-Fi.
#2774 by Mark Oakley
December 3rd, 2017, 7:31 pm
So I've spent a few more hours on this and still no luck. Some info:
Both my computer and M-50Q are set to Static IP's:

Subnet Mask (both units)
Default Gateway (both units)

A new development is that Lantronix is able to ping the amp and have the signal return, but Armonia is not able to "discover" the amp. Are there any other settings I'm missing?
#2843 by Mark Oakley
March 6th, 2018, 8:14 am
I ended up shipping my amp to California (Powersoft USA) to get fixed. Apparently the Lantronix network port was faulty. They fixed it, and now it works great.