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#2919 by Langston
May 3rd, 2018, 6:10 pm
Ciao amici:

I just purchased a K20 DSP and noticed that it's DSP runs at 96kHz sample rate. I uploaded a 384 taps 48kHz single column CSV file to the amplifier and it asked whether the coefficients were in 96kHz or 48kHz format, I answered 48kHz and then measured the amplifier with an 8 ohm resistive load and the FIR filter seems to be functioning as designed. I have not yet measured the acoustic response of the loudspeaker the filter was designed for.

Question #1: In your experience, does the K Series convert the 48kHz FIR coefficient file with results that are the same as if the file originally 96kHz?

Question #2: If I design 96kHz FIR coefficient files in the future, I will need twice the number of taps as a 48kHz version for equal effect at lower frequencies. How does the conversion process in Question #1 account for this?

Grazie! - Langston