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Powersoft amplification in new Banana nightclub

1 June 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina. June 1st, 2018. Equaphon, Powersoft’s distributor in Argentina and Uruguay, was called to carry out one more successful sound installation project for a discotheque.

The Banana nightclub has been working since April this year and it is located beside the Río de la Plata river in Buenos Aires.

With different areas to install sound systems, the nightclub’s owners highlighted several specific requirements to fulfill. First, the venue has an indoor space and a deck area outdoors, which acts as a balcony over the Río de la Plata river, which has two sectors in different sizes.

The idea was to have three DJs in those three different places - one in the main indoor dance floor and the other two outside -, and they wanted to use the music generated by any of the DJs in any and every spaces of the nightclub.

Another condition was that the sound system outdoors had to be able to be assembled in several ways to cover different settings according to the performances that would take place in this area, that is why Equaphon decided to use self-powered equipment.    

Equipment chosen
The company chose to use passive systems and Powersoft amplifiers indoors, with six STS Concerto INFRASUB speakers and eight STS Sonatas, centralizing sound to the main dance floor indoors. Also four STS Cantatas were used in the VIP area, and two STS Cantatas more covered an additional zone next to the dance floor. Two Powersoft K10 amplifiers and one Powersoft M50Q are used in this part of the venue.

On the other hand, active speakers powered by Powersoft modules are used outdoors. Six STS Concerto miniSUB+ speakers and six STS Cantata+s are located in the main deck, while two STS Concerto miniSUB+s and two STS Cantata+s are on the secondary one, each one of them includes a Powersoft D-Cell 504, bringing a total of 16 modules in use.   

Due to the chance of having three DJ booths running in parallel, Equaphon chose to use a Xilica Neutrino A0816 processor which allows to route different signals generated by the three DJs, in any desired way. Control was programmed in a tablet so this task results as simple as possible, with the option of handling levels for each sector according to what is needed.   

“Powersoft products are working incredibly as they always do. Each Powersoft K10 amplifier handles three STS Concerto INFRASUBs per channel and four STS Sonatas through another channel. The Powersoft M50Q allows us to manage six STS Cantatas, all of this indoors. Powersoft is also present in the STS Concerto miniSUB+ and STS Cantata+ which use Powersoft D-Cell 504 modules inside”, explained Carlos Maiocchi, Equaphon’s General Manager.

Nicolás Rizzo, Equaphon’s product support, was in charge of the project and system setup. He also configured different computer screens so that users could control preset parameters and trained the nightclub’s technical staff on how to use the system correctly and all the control possibilities.     

“The nightclub’s staff is really happy with the current sound quality. We got a very high SPL on the main floor and an excellent dynamic range without pushing the amplifiers performance too much. On the other hand, they highlighted the control possibilities they have over different level settings on the loudspeakers and how simple it is to route signals from each DJ”, he said.

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