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Powersoft and Equaphon present ArmoníaPlus in Argentina

14 November 2018

November 13th, 2018. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although current situation in Argentina is not the best for sales, both Powersoft and Equaphon share the philosophy that even in hard economical times, it's important to invest in activities to continue having brand visibility and giving support to local users.

In line with that thought, Powersoft and Equaphon, distributor in Argentina and Uruguay, participated in CAPER exhibition in Buenos Aires one more year. On show were touring amplifiers from the X and K Series and the Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali lines for install. The DEVA multimedia unit was also there; an all in one solution for broadcasting music, distributing emergency or advertisement announcements, monitoring control and gathering environmental data, capturing videos or images, or simply offering information to the public.

The event was the right place to present the ArmoníaPlus software which was officially launched at the beginning of October all over the world and allows not only to control Powersoft amplifiers but also different parameters on sound systems.

Equaphon-TrainingA couple of days after the exhibition, a special training was done at Equaphon’s manufacturing facilities in Buenos Aires, focused on ArmoníaPlus. The training was divided in two days, one explaining the software in detail and the other dedicated to practice, where professionals could learn on all the features the software brings and then apply all concepts live, following Thiago Terra's, Powersoft’s applications engineer, explanations.

“Like other Latin American countries, Argentina is not at its best, but even so we strongly believe that it’s important to be here, participante in events and carry out activities so our users in the region know they can always count on Powersoft's support”, commented Gilberto Morejón, Powersoft’s regional sales manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The training was really good. We had the participation of people that were already using the former Armonía version and also other professionals that came to learn more and be in contact with our technology for the first time. Two days to learn but also share experiences. Users even talked about their own anecdotes with Powersoft’s products and software”, he added.

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