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Powersoft appoints NACAM Group as new distributor in Bolivia

15 March 2019

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. March, 2019 - Founded last February 1st, 2019, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the NACAM Group is a new company created using Argentine capital with the goal of distributing high level professional audio brands in Bolivia.

Powersoft has recently joined NACAM’s portfolio and the local company will be now official distributor of the Italian brand in the country.

Experience in the market
NACAM Group SRL in an extension of Stanich Audio - audio systems manufacturer from Argentina - created by Gonzalo Stanich and Matías Cottone, with the aim of achieving a successful expansion of Stanich and Powersoft brands in Bolivia.

Headquarters are placed in Cristo Redentor Ave. Km 7, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where the company has a big 300 sqm building containing training room, showroom, sales office, technical support and warehouse.

“NACAM not only provides professional audio equipment but also technical advice for installations and other big projects. We also provide full support for the brands we work with, through our offices in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Cochabamba”, said Matias Cottone, the company’s general manager.

The company has been working with the Spanish Audio brand in the Bolivian market since October, 2017 and that experience led them to study the market closely and create better commercial politics that could help them get the desired expansion.

Speaking of Stanich Audio and the sound systems they manufacture, the company had already been working with Powersoft’s technology in the past. Matías explains: “We got the best performance measurements from Stanich acoustic cabinets when working with Powersoft amplifiers, specifically the X8 and K20 models. There are currently around 25 to 30 Stanich systems that use Powersoft in diffe-rent cities of Argentina”.

Technical support and training
NACAM will have an exclusive lab to provide technical support for all Powersoft units that may need it and there will be one well-trained technician focused only on the Italian brand.

The lab will be equipped with all necessary tools to carry out measurements, change of spare parts, equipment cleaning and updates.

“We know the Bolivian market is really big and there’s a huge demand on high power amplifiers, but we are also aware of the need of creating an immediate ‘rescue plan’ to provide technical support to those damaged units out there, since the brand hasn’t had the right presence in the country over the last year”, commented Matías.

“Our commitment to Powersoft is very strong and we already have big projects to develop the brand in Bolivia even more, a strategy that goes together with Stanich. We really believe this partnership between both brands will bring mutual benefits”, he highlighted.

Presentation event
NACAM carried out a presentation event by the end of February, organized by companies STD Pro Audio and Stanich.

Terra Center auditory, in Cochabamba, for the meeting.

The company was officially launched during the event, plus presenting the distributed brands and at-tendees could even listen to several Stanich audio systems working with Powersoft amplifiers.

Gilberto Morejón, Powersoft’s regional sales manager for the Caribbean and Latin America, was there at the event to explain about the history and technology behind the Italian company. He said: “We’re happy to be here again and give our support to the Bolivian market. We’re sure this partnership with NACAM and Stanich will increase our brand awareness and will help us provide the right technical sup-port for local users”.

“We are developing an expansion plan for Powersoft which is closely related to training and educating users. The Bolivian market has a huge potential but, to be able to generate a successful development, we first need to train our clients, show they why they have to choose us and why Powersoft offers the best ‘Price/Watt’ ratio”, said Matías.

Having all of this in mind, NACAM will have in its training room a special sector dedicated to Powersoft where they will be able to welcome clients and offer them the chance of seeing the ArmoníaPlus software and test it with a Powersoft amplifier.

Another important news is that all Stanich systems will now start to be officially sold with Powersoft amplifiers from factory. “Stanich presets will be officially available in ArmoníaPlus!”, he added.

NACAM is already working on the events calendar for this year which will include three Powersoft and Stanich demos in La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The company will also be announcing future dates for official ArmoníaPlus training in Bolivia soon.

Training sessions will be limited to 15 to 20 people each so stay tuned!

Photo captions:
1-Massive presentation event in Cochabamba
2-Introduction to ArmoníaPlus software
3-Gilberto Morejón, Powersoft’s CALA regional sales manager, at the presentation event

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