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T&S Group adopts Powersoft X Series in Ecuador

30 August 2017

Quito, Ecuador. August 30th, 2017. T&S Group was created in January 2014 with the idea of combining the ideas and abilities of two freelance professionals from different areas in the AV industry, Iván Galarraga (project designer) and Juan Portugal (FOH engineer). A short time after engineer Santiago Vallejo (stage advisor) joined the team and strengthened this strategic alliance even more. 

From the country’s capital, Quito, they assist projects all over Ecuador, not only providing technological services in audio, video, lighting and acoustics but also equipment sale, according to what clients may need.

The company represents brands like Bose Pro, Whirlwind, Audio Technica and Powersoft’s installation line, to provide AV solutions for all kind of indoor and outdoor venues, like theatres, auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms and theme parks, among others.

Although T&S Group’s owners already knew the good performance provided by Powersoft amplification, its use grew when they brought to the market a Bose ShowMatch sound system, brand that recommends and uses Italian amplifiers, like Powersoft X Series, to power this system.

Juan Carlos Portugal, technical director at T&S Group, says: “From my professional side, I have been working with Powersoft K Series for about five years since I am usually called to fine-tune sound systems from national manufacturers so I used them several times. With T&S Group, we got closer to the X Series, since our Bose ShowMatch system uses that amplifier”.

The company currently has in stock Powersoft X8s and X4s, but they are already thinking about bringing the Ottocanali Series to the country.

“The amplifiers we are using have a wonderful technology and features. Definitively the performance and power in the X8s and X4s are the most powerful and user-friendly we have found. We were also happy to hear that Bose and Powersoft got into an agreement for using these amplifiers. Our equipment really got better regarding power and now we are able to take the most for touring applications”, he detailed.

Both the ShowMatch system together with Powersoft amplifiers have been used for different events since their acquisition.

The first one was when the company launched the ShowMatch line in the Casa de la Música Philharmonic Foundation last July in Quito, during which Powersoft sales manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Gilberto Morejón, was present. 

“The support Gilberto provided before and after the presentation was definitively one of the best things, both to share experiences about the product and also to be trained on the Armonía software”, Juan added.

After this, the equipment combination was also used by T&S Group technicians for a 200 people corporative event with the performance of a youth orchestra and the collaboration of artist Juan Fernando Velasco, plus the support of sound technician Luis Vargas carried out at the La Capilla del Hombre museum.

Another highlighted event was the Velada Libertaria in Ecuador’s Presidencial Palace, celebrating the first cry of independence 208 years ago, having an audience of 3,000 people and a presentation by “Granaderos de Tarqui" presidential security guards, with the professional support of Electric Light company, specialized in the corporative event.

“In all the cases the result was perfect. We are very happy with the amplifier's performance, especially the X8 model which I am planning to use in future projects where more channels and high power will be needed”, Portugal commented.

Another tool that is having success in the company is the Armonía software, which Juan described as “very user-friendly and easy to link when talking about IP, both LAN and WLAN”. 

“One of the most attractive things is that when the signal falls and you have to restart, the software does it automatically, without needing to constantly ‘refresh’. That makes me feel safe and means I don’t have to worry about this while monitoring amplifiers”, he concluded.




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