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X and K Series celebrate Oruro’s Anniversary

28 February 2018

Oruro, Bolivia. February 27th, 2018 - On the first day of November last year, the Bolivian city of Oruro celebrated 411 years since its foundation.

As the 5th largest city in the country and the 6th highest city in the world, Oruro is also the capital of the Cerdado province, and is situated halfway between Bolivian capital city La Paz, and Sucre.

The celebrations before the big day included a giant beetroot-red flag put up on Pie de Gallo mountain’s top, a ceremony offering flower gifts in the Plaza Manuel Castro de Padilla square, as well as a traditional “serenata” (serenade) with the performance of various music bands on a stage built for the occasion at the crossroads of Avenida 6 de Agosto Avenue and Aroma Street.

The event also saw the participation of bands such as La Noche representing the tropical genre, rock band Octavia, as well as Llajtaymanta, Doble Vía, 100% Yara, Banda Central Cocani, Sumajta en Bolivia, Jatari Bolivia, Graciel Méndez (representing national folk music), as well as Sin Ley and Tacuba to name a few. A tributo to cumbia style was also invited with names such as David Castro, Jorge Eduardo, Miguel Orias, José Luis Cordoba and Mónica Ergueta.

With around 20,000 punters to cater for, the technical aspect for sound was handled by La Paz-based DASS Sonido company, who used a combination of Powersoft X8 and K20 amplifiers to power the sound system.

Eight Powersoft X8 and nine K20 amplifiers managed the sound system comprised of EAW’s KF760, and controlled using Yamaha M7CL and Avid SC48 consoles.

“The Powersoft amplifiers performed flawlessly. They allowed for the best performance posible, providing the highest sound quality and total control over the entire audio system, as well as a balanced energy consumption thanks to their 380V three-phased capability. They are unbelievably efficient compared to their compact size”, commented Bryan Shary Calle Q., DASS’s operator and the person in charge of sound for the event.

“I love these power amplifiers since they bring a high quality built-in DSP capability, wonderful benefits as well as absolute control. It is incredible to have eight output channels in a product that is so compact and highly efficient. Without a doubt, it is one of the best brands we have that is able to work with our sound systems. We are also lucky to be able to rely on local distributor CyVMusic, who is providing the best technical support, they really do a remarkable job in Bolivia”, highlighted Bryan.

Carlos Lantadilla, CEO at CyVmusic Ltda. – the Powersoft distributor in Bolivia and Chile – added: “DASS Sonido is one of the first companies in Bolivia who decided to invest in Powersoft and with the X8 and K20 amplifiers on offering, they have the best equipment available”.

About the work between both companies, Lantadilla said: “We have a very strong relationship and a great collaboration. Bryan gives us the support we need in Bolivia for the V7+ and M-Sub systems (the later uses Powersoft’s M-Force technology) from Argentinian manufacturer STS, and well as  the Armonía software”.

Several other Bolivian companies trust the Italian manufacturer’s technology and will be making good use of their Powersoft amplifiers at various events again in 2018. We will bring you more news very soon!



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