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Annual Latin American Distributors Meeting in Las Vegas

21 June 2018

June 20th Las Vegas, USA - To Powersoft it is always important to listen to its distributors and be able to create the right strategies for each country or region. That is why the Italian company, leader in amplification technology, carries out an annual meeting with its Latin American distributors, before American trade show InfoComm begins.

Over two days representatives from the company, like Claudio Lastrucci, Luca Giorgi, Klas Dalbjorn, Fabrizio Romano Bolzoni, Marc Kocks, Gino Pellicano, William Ladeutt and Gilberto Morejón, CALA sales manager, gathered with distributors from different countries to plan the next steps to give in Latin America and introduce the latest news, both in software and hardware.

From Mexico, we had the presence of Javier Posada at Audio Acústica y Electrónica; from Guatemala Guillermo Falla and Erick de León of SuperSonidos - distributor also in Nicaragua -; in charge of Colombia, the Caribbean and Brazil participated Jean Costa of Universal Music and Jorge Correa of River Music Pro; from Paraguay Alan Wood of AW Acoustic Design, and from Argentina, Carlos Maiocchi of Equaphon, company that also distributes Powersoft in Uruguay.

“This is an unique event to share experiences with the rest of the region and get information on the regional and international market behavior first hand. It is also good to have a very clear vision of the company’s future in terms of product portfolio and global strategies”, said Gilberto Morejón.
During the meeting, representatives not only talked about the market’s situation, but also highlighted the obvious growth of the install market, which makes imperative more attention on this segment by distribution partners in the region.


2017 Best Distributor Award

River Music ProThis was also the right chance to present a prize to the 2017 Best Distributor, which this time went to Brazilian company River Music Pro. The award was accepted by its director, Jorge Correa.
River Music Pro started its story in the market 9 years ago and its headquarters are located in São José do Rio Preto, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
River Music has been working together with Universal Music, Powersoft’s distributor in Brazil, to promote, sell and give support to the Powersoft brand in the country for about the last two years and a half.
Over those few years, the company could extend Powersoft’s presence in Brazil and provide amplifiers to a wide variety of sound rental companies, which are being used in all kind of projects all over the country.
Only in the last year and a half, River Music sold over 350 Powersoft amplifiers.
Gilberto highlighted: “River Music, along with Jorge Correa and under the watchful eye of Jean Costa, has made a hug different in Brazil for our brand. River Music’s performance over the withe Brazilian territory has placed Powersoft in the top of the users choice when choosing reliable and quality audio amplification. It is really a landmark!”.

Presenting Armonía 3.0

CALA MeetingOne of the news presented before Latin American distributors was Armonía control software 3.0 version, whose official launch is programmed to be in September.
Both the company and distributors all over the world have been doing an extensive job over the last year to present and train professionals on how to use this software.
Latin American users, a market that is more focused on Touring right now, will be specially benefit from this new version, since it will provide more features specially created thinking of this kind of application.
“The new version 3.0 has a better understanding and speed when preparing a sound system using Armonía with our amplifiers”, commented Gilberto. “The selection of input, matrix, presets, mutes, and others, is faster and easier”.
With Armonía 3.0, Powersoft will start a new tour on the region, promoting and training Armonía users on the new features.
“It is very important to carry out actions to elevate the possible clients education. The more they know, the easier they will be able to choose among all the advantages Powersoft products offer”, highlighted Equaphon’s Carlos Maiocchi.
Powersoft is already planning two seminars in Brazil next August, and then will travel to Buenos Aires where there will also be two seminars: one on the Touring line for sound companies engineers and another one on the Install line with the participation of integrators.
The company will also carry out the first training activity in Montevideo, Uruguay, where all the Powersoft amplification lines will be showed together with the new Armonía version.

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