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Laura Pausini sings in Cuba for the first time

8 November 2018


La Habana, Cuba. November 8th, 2018. Laura Pausini’s concert in La Habana was memorable not only for the artista, who performed in Cuba for the first time in her 25-year career, but also for the audience, which enjoyed hearing all her hits through a high quality sound system provided by well-known local company P.M.M (Por Un Mundo Mejor). P.M.M. is the biggest rental company in the island, with offices in Cuba and Miami.

It was a show open to the public, gathering more than 250,000 people at the Ciudad Deportiva de La Habana. Despite of the abundant rain, attendees enjoyed the main performance by Pausini, which fo-llowed an opening show by local duet Gente de Zona.

The Clair Brothers system used was composed of i218 line array elements, the brand’s biggest model, and 12” 1AM and 15” 1.5AM monitors, all amplified using more than 30 x Powersoft X4s, bought through Powersoft’s distributor in the Caribbean, Universal Music.

The relationship between P.M.M and Universal Music started several years ago when the Cuban com-pany was looking for amplifiers for its sound systems and decided to acquire Powersoft X8s. Some time after, P.M.M also decided to invest in X4 amplifiers, which allowed for a better system’s division and use.

Mijail Díaz Ignakin, technical manager at P.M.M., explained: “A remarkable thing about Powersoft’s amplifiers, specifically the X4 model we use, is that they are very voltage-friendly thanks to their three-phase power supply. This makes them the perfect fit for using in the Caribbean, where we have very inconsistent voltage”.

“Another important point is the built-in DSP, which makes them more flexible for use in a wide variety of loudspeakers settings”, he added. “The integrated top-grade DSP on the X4 helps recall loudspeaker’s data files, simplifying professionals’ job.”

The X4's footprint and space in rack are also remarkable features. Its single-rack format and the power provided by each unit (more than 20 kW over 4 channels) allows users to access more power from fe-wer amplifiers; it also consumes less rack space, which is always an advantage on outdoor setups like this one, both in terms of space efficiency and setup time.

All the amplification systems were controlled and run through Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite software, another user-friendly Powersoft tool that helped with the system’s setup, fine-tuning, control and monitoring.

The innovative Interactive Tuning feature on Armonía greatly helps to achieve a sound system’s measurement and alignment tasks. Users can even do this quietly in an office setting prior to perfor-mance, and just take the project to the show’s venue to see how it functions in real life conditions.

Reflecting on his overall experience, Héctor Díaz, P.M.M’s owner, added: “Powersoft is the best ampli-fication brand in the world. I wouldn’t change my Powersoft amplifiers even if I got another system for free!”.

Rafael Guzmán, Sales Manager at Universal Music, commented on the show in La Habana: “Everybody involved in the production were happy with the results and felt secure about the sound qua-lity provided thanks to the combination of Clair Brothers and Powersoft”.

“I have more than 30 years in this industry and I can assure you that no other company compares to Powersoft and the technologies used in its amplifiers”, he concluded.

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