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Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ - the software for remote control and monitoring of the full range of Powersoft products.

On-line or off-line system setup and tuning, real-time management and monitoring of all vital functions from a remote PC via a single intuitive graphical user interface.

Armonía puts the power on your screen and into your hands – exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

With Armonía, system designers and operators have new and unique tools to significantly improve sonic performance and system reliability.

Armonía download and Support Forum.

Learn to use Armonía with our Tutorial Videos!

Armonía currently supports the following languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Active DampingControl™ provides compensation of speaker wire losses, and dramatically improved cone control with a virtually negative output impedance.

Powersoft’s TruePower™ limiter keeps the amplifier’s output power at safe levels depending on the varying load impedance over frequency.

The brand new Access Manager feature allows the Administrator to lock the system in order to prevent others tampering with the settings, whilst still allowing them to monitor the system.

Use our power. And our connections.

  • Fully compatible: Armonía works with the full range of Powersoft products.

  • No DSP required: Even without a DSP board integrated, all essential amplifier functions can be controlled and monitored.

  • All on board with DSP: Armonía provides total system and sound control in real-time.

  • New and unique: An extended set of features only available in Armonía improves system performance and safety significantly.

Sounds great

  • Powersoft amplifiers sound great to begin with. With DSP amplifier models and networked with a PC running Armonía, you have total sound control.

  • Output EQs, delays, and a highly sophisticated group of limiters for the basic system setup.

  • Input EQs in three layers with hundreds of filters for individual tuning.

  • Tuning at its finest: Custom FIR filter for accurate phase response.

  • Ultimate protection: In addition to peak and clip limiters, TruePower limiter operating with real-world data.

Control of Power

  • Status information: Armonía keeps you informed about all important amplifier statuses, such as mains presence and current draw, power on/off, input signal presence and level, internal temperature, protections, clipping, faults, output signal voltage.

  • Direct control: Armonía lets you manage all essential functions, power on/off including energy management, mute, input attenuation, gain, analog/digital input selection, single/multiple channel input feed, max mains current draw, max output voltage, preset locking, testing of temperature protection, system clock, signal path, etc.

  • Quickly up and running: Armonía is sporting a highly intuitive graphical interface, equally easy to be used with desktop/laptop screens or tablet PC. All wiring is standard Cat-5, all network architecture and equipment is standard Ethernet. Of course, wireless networking can be utilized, too.

Power of Control

  • Access Manager: it is now possible to enable two access levels, namely Admin and Guest. While Admin retains all the rights, Guest can only use monitoring functions. This enables the Administrator to lock the system in order to prevent others tampering with the settings, whilst still allowing them to monitor the system.

  • Personalize: Customize Armonía display and graphical interface according to your individual needs.

  • Maintaining the overview: Model your system on the screen, including amp racks and loudspeakers. Build groups of amps and channels for group mute, attenuation, EQ, delay.

  • Transparent or concealed, but always safe: Lock individual parameters or entire presets, and decide which are visible and which not.

  • Manageable: Save and re-load entire presets, or fractions thereof, and have them always available as files.

Power of Networking

  • Digital audio included: Simple distribution of two AES3 signal (= 4 digital channels) via two unused Cat-5 wire pairs at extremely low latency.

  • From small to huge: Armonía is free of charge, and a network is inexpensive and quickly set up, making Armonía affordable and desirable for any system size. Once it gets large, there is virtually no limit to maximum number of amplifiers.

  • Knowing what is going on, whenever, and wherever you are: Network expansion, e.g. via Internet, lets you monitor system performance from far away – ideal for remote service/maintenance/support.

Works very well

  • Extra safety built in: Easily achievable redundancy – for audio via user-definable fallback strategy e.g. from digital to analog; for networking via simultaneous wiring Ethernet/RS485.

  • Always informed: Fault alerts can be broadcasted via Email and/or SMS text message.

  • Record keeping: Log files for analysis of history.

  • Strongly supported: On-line help forum lets you communicate with Powersoft and other users while protecting your privacy.

  • Video Tutorials available on our Armonía Support Forum.

  • Currently available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.




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