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The Q-Sys™ plug-ins provide integrated monitoring and control of Powersoft K Series, Duecanali Series, X Series, Ottocanali 1204 Series and Ottocanali DSP+D through a QSC Q-Sys system. Powersoft's Armonía Pro Audio Suite™™ software will be required for initial setup and management of the amplifiers.


  • Compatible Powersoft amplifiers:

    • K Series, with DSP+AESOP

    • Duecanali, with DSP+AESOP

    • X Series

    • Ottocanali 1204 Series, with DSP

    • Ottocanali Series, with DSP+Dante(TM)
  • K Firmware and Duecanali Firmware, version 5.3.11 or higher

  • X Firmware and Ottocanli DSP+D, version or higher


  • Amplifier Telemetry and Alarm Monitor

  • Preset Recall

  • Mute and Attenuation Control

  • Integrity Line Detection

  • Impedance Monitor

  • Power on/off


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