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Introduced by Powersoft in 1995, this technology is becoming more and more adopted by other manufacturers and end-users. The key aspect of this technology is based on extremely high efficiency that allows it to transform all the energy drawn from the mains into usable power, and to recycle the reactive energy coming back from the loudspeakers (typically, this can be very damaging for traditional linear amplifiers). This technology produces equipment with useful features for both touring and fixed install equipment. Specifically, the main benefits of this aspect in Powersoft products are:

  • Ultra-high efficiency (87-92%) and cos φ (0,95-0,99%) are the consequent reductions of the required energy for the same output power.
  • Reduction of the cooling system.
  • Less amplifiers (with smaller size) to run the same PA system which directly impacts CO2 emissions because it, in turn, reduces the number of trucks required to move equipment for large events. And travel is a principal cost item for any event or tour.
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