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Battery assembly

DEVA comes with a battery pack already located into its battery compartment.

  1. Battery compartment
  2. Dashboard compartment

The battery pack shall be properly connected before operating:

  1. Open the battery compartment.
  2. Plug the battery:

    1. verify that the battery presents no failures;
    2. connect the black – (negative) faston connector to the battery’s negative plug;
    3. connect the red + (positive) faston connector to the battery’s positive plug (pay attention to the 4 A fuse);
    4. place the battery temperature probe wherever into the battery compartment, far from the electric plugs.
  1. Reposition the compartment cover and tightly screw the six hex screws.

In order to ensure full operability, Powersoft recommends to fully charge the battery before starting the initialization procedure.

The battery charge can be achieved by means of either: