DSM interface

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DEVA System Manager user interface

Almost any settings on DEVA are performed through the DEVA system Manager – DSM.

The audio playback from a USB key and the hard-reset of the system are available just through the DEVA dashboard.




The DSM offers a user friendly interface for setting time schedules for actions, event triggers and full access to DEVA features.

  1. Main Menu. Select the context for setting the global configuration, device configuration, audio library etc.
  2. Main Toolbar. Context specific function such as device detection, reboot, zones, etc.
  3. Quick Action bar. Activate action on selected devices
  4. Main Window. Displays contextual information with respect to the selected tool.
  5. Status bar

Main Menu

  1. By default the Main Menu contains the button to access the global settings:
  1. Double clicking on a DEVA in the Main Window opens its control panel and a button with its name appears in the Main Menu.
  2. Double clicking on a Zone in the Main Window opens its control panel and a button with its name appears in the Main Menu.

Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar collects context-related functions, such as the Add, Remove and Edit buttons in the Zone view, Refresh in Map view, Discovery, Upload data, Remove and Detail in System view and so on.

Quick Action bar

The Quick Action bar is available only in the System view and allows to activate some features on selected DEVA or ZONE.

In order to trigger the action, select the DEVA or the ZONE in the Main Window, then press on the desired button:



On state

Off state (default)

Opens the Players control panel

Toggles mute on/off on audio playback

Reduces playback volume

Increases playback volume

Toggles the LED light on/off

Reduces the light intensity

Increases the light intensity

Toggles the camera on/off *

Toggles the aux input on/off

(3,5 mm jack input)

Toggles the Guard mode on/off

Toggles the detailed view on/off

* Access the DEVA control panel in order to take a picture or stream a video.