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Default wireless modes

The DEVA built-in Wi-Fi module can be configured to work in any existing wireless network as a client or Access Point.

DEVA Wi-Fi is IEEE 802.11n compliant and can operates in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

In order to toggle the wireless mode, you have to:

  1. Access the DEVA on site;
  2. Set the Wi-Fi default setting selector located on the DEVA dashboard to Infrastructure (default) or Access Point mode;

  3. Reset the device.

Infrastructure mode (default)

By default DEVA is set to connect to a wireless network as a client in a so called infrastructure mode.

Infrastructure mode networks offer the advantage of scalability and centralized security management.

An external access point (AP) is required.

To join the Wi-Fi network, the clients must be configured to connect to the AP SSID.

By default DEVA looks for a network whose SSID is set to POWERSOFT and retrieves the IP address from a DHCP server in the network.

Wireless infrastructure mode default settings:

Access Point

DEVA is capable to behave as an AP and hosts up to 5 clients such as the PDD or other DEVA.

By default the DEVA AP SSID is composed by the word Deva, the underscore symbol _ and its serial number, e.g. Deva_000842.

The wireless Access Point mode is available only when the wireless infrastructure mode is disabled.

Wireless Access Point mode default setting:

*A label with the DEVA’s serial number  is attached on the internal side of the battery compartment cover.