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DEVA can perform several actions when certain conditions take place.

Setting Events allows to link actions to defined triggering condition per single DEVA and Zone.

Guard mode

Events are implemented to be active in normal operating conditions: either enabled or disabled, they are always available but they have to be toggled on/off one by one.

The Guard mode allows to configure a set of events whose activation or deactivation can be easily toggled via the main toolbar's Guard Mode button in the System view.

Guard mode is aimed at possible surveillance requirements.

Time interval

The detection of the conditions that trigger the events can be continuous or taken into account only during the specified time interval.

In the former case, once enabled the event is always operative. In the latter case, even if the event is enabled, it becomes operative only during the specified time interval.

Setting Events for one DEVA

DEVA that don't belong to a Zone can be programmed independently, i.e. all configured scheduling and events perform actions only on the selected DEVA.

Conversely, on DEVA assigned to a ZONE both scheduling and events can't be programmed on a unit basis, but only for the entire Zone, i.e. for all the DEVA belonging to that Zone.

  1. Select the eVENTS Tab in the DEVA control panel and click on Add.

  2. If the DEVA belongs to a Zone an error message is shown and the Add button is not active.

    In this case, set an event for the Zone, or move the DEVA out of the Zone.

Setting Events for a Zone

  1. Click on the Zone button in the DSM Main menu to access the view of the Zone.
  2. Select the Zone to edit and click on the EDIT button.

  3. Click on the Events button, then click on Add.