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DEVA provides seven built-in audio players that manage respectively:

Most of the controllers for the players are available in the Players control panel.

The Players control panel is accessible via the mixer button in the Quick Action bar.

  1. Players type
  2. Player controllers
  3. Master volume
  4. Master mute

The players can be active at the same time, but only two of them will play simultaneously, according to their priority:

Lower priority






Higher priority


FM radio

single file, message or USB

Bluetooth streaming

streaming from PDD

SOS call

auxiliary input

The player with the lower priority plays in background (i.e. lower in volume) when a high priority player starts playing.


The playback of a live stream (either an audio file or a web radio from the PDD) has the priority on the playback of an audio file.

The playback of a predefined message has the priority on the playback of the FM radio.

The playback of an FM radio has the priority on the playback of a playlist.

NOTE: Since the current players is not muted, but lowered in volume when a higher priority player starts, the default behavior can be overridden by changing the volume level during the playback.

Each player provides independent volume control. The playback volume of each player expressed in percent of the master volume.