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A playlist is a list of selected audio files chosen among the ones into the Library of the DSM.

The playback of a playlist is one of the main actions performed by DEVA: playlists are available for single DEVA and Zones in time scheduling, events and live executions.

The playlist main window displays the available playlists that can be used in schedules, events and for live execution.

Adding a playlist

In order to create a new playlist click on the Add button in the upper left corner of the window.

The window switches to a two panels display:

  1. Insert a proper name for the playlist
  2. drag the audiofile from the library (left panel) to the playlist (right panel)
  3. define the playback order of the audio file in the playlist moving the file up or down in the list: upper file playback first.
  4. click on the Save button to save changes
  5. click on the Close button to close the window.

In order to modify a playlist, select an existing playlist and click on the Edit button.