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Start-up and Shutdown

Once the battery has been properly assembled DEVA can be switched on.

By default, DEVA starts-up when any external power supply (i.e. solar panel, DC power supply unit, PoE) is plugged in.

DEVA Start-up

When the DEVA is connected to an external power supply, the system starts charging the internal battery: when the power supply delivers more than 12 VDC the DEVA starts-up automatically.

In approximatively 90 seconds the operating system completes the bootstrap procedure and makes the device ready to work. During the bootstrap you can hear a long beep coming from the DEVA: the presence of this signal means that the system is booting.

DEVA start-up without external power supply

In case no power supply is available and DEVA is off, you can switch on the DEVA acting on the ON/OFF button.

Follow this procedure:

  1. Push on the ON/OFF button and keep it pressed: the green LED switch solid on;

  2. still keep the ON/OFF button pressed until the green LED start blinking (5 s approximatively);
  3. release the ON/OFF push button: the bootstrap procedure takes place and a long beep is emitted.

The start-up procedure without power supply will not take place if the battery charge is below 12 VDC.


Usually you don’t need to shutdown the DEVA for maintenance: the management of the device can be performed through the DEVA System Manager.

  1. Access the DEVA on site and remove the dashboard cover on the back of the DEVA.
  2. In order to completely shutdown the DEVA we suggest to unplug any external power supply (e.g. solar panel).
  3. On the DEVA dashboard, identify the On/Off push-button: keep pressed the button until the three rear LEDs start blinking.

  4. Release the On/Off push-button and wait until all the LEDs switch off (approximatively one minute). The system will emit 2 short beep followed by a long beep to warn you about the shutdown in progress.