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USB MP3 playback

The playback from the USB override any audio playing on the DEVA.

In order to start the playback of the files from a USB device you have to press simultaneously the SEEK+ and SEEK– push button on the DEVA dashboard.

If the device is playing a song (i.e. a playlist), the current action does not stop: while the USB audio content is playing, any scheduled playlist runs to the 30% of its preset volume.

In order to allow DEVA to reproduce the MP3 files from the USB, the audio files shall be stored in a folder called AudioFiles in the root of the USB storage device.

DEVA can play only MP3 files, no other file formats are allowed.

Playback of the audio files is looped in alphabetical order. The commands to manage the playback from USB are located on the DEVA dashboard:

Take care to properly stop the audio file playing from the USB before unplug the USB device!

In case the USB device is removed without having properly stopped the playback you may cause the USB stop working until next system reboot.