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The update procedure allows to keep up to date the internal software of the DEVA.

In order to proceed with the update, the DEVA software file must be available on the PDD.

Software update file and hardware revision

The DEVA software can be downloaded from the Powersoft website (both and

Take care to download the proper file with respect to the hardware revision of the DEVA.

The hardware revision of the DEVA can be found in the Device settings view, in the Software cell.

The string of text has the following structure:



<HW_REV> is the hardware revision

<YY.MM.DD_HHMMSS> is the delivery timestamp

<REPO_REV> is the build version

For example, DEVA13_15.07.02_101719_78979ec refer to a device with hardware revision number 13 and software version 78979ec delivered on July, 2nd 2015 at 10:17 AM.

On Powersoft website's software download page look for the update file that fits the DEVA hardware revision number 13.

Update procedure

  1. In the Device settings view of the DSM, select the DEVA (multiple selection is allowed) you want to update: take care to select devices with the same hardware revision.
  2. Click on the Update software button in the top left corner of the window: a pop-up window will appear
  3. Click on the + button and select the proper file with extension .deva from your storage device
  4. Click on upload and wait the end of the update procedure