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#1522 by emengual
August 26th, 2013, 5:17 pm
I ve some questions about peak limiter settings...., to start how can calculate the peak voltage of the driver can accept.

Example: HF: 100 RMS, 200 Program, 400 Peak
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms

This is the Martin W8LC HF driver, i have setting in 80 V peak limiting... this is according to a Kseries user manual have a table about the most common peak voltage in most common impedance...

I have this settings.

HF: 80v 3x1 inch 100w, 200, 400w peak....., Volts peak???
MF: 113v 2x6.5 inch 200w, 400, 800w peak....., Volts peak???
LF: 135v 1x12 inch 450w, 900, 1800w peak......., volts peak???

I have used de ussual formula, but i have others results....., 80vx80v/8= 800watts HF


Edgar M.
#1523 by luigichelli
August 27th, 2013, 9:54 am
Hi Edgar,
you should use this simple formula:

Peak_Limiter_Voltage = √ (Peak_Power * Rated_Z)

so for a speaker capable of 400 W Peak @ 8Ω, the maximum voltage to be delivered should be:

√ (400 * 8) that is 56,56 V

Please note that for the long term safety of your speaker, you might want an extra attenuation factor;
let's peak at 85% of the above mentioned voltage:

56,56 * 0,85 = 48V

…and that's our peak value :)

Other speakers should be calculated in a similar fashion:

MF: √ (800 * 8) * 0,85 = 68V (pls change the Z value, if the rated impedance of this 2x6.5" system is not 8Ω)
LF: √ (1800 * 8) * 0,85 = 102V (same as above holds if you have a different Impedance)