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#1975 by doder1
December 4th, 2015, 8:07 pm
Hello, I would like to know how many days do you need to confirm my registration on Step-Up site since you gave me 50 working hours to confirm step-up card registration !?!
#1977 by filippo
December 5th, 2015, 1:58 am

We aplogize for this delay but we are having some problem with our mail server.
Anyway now your account should be active.
Could you please check and let me know if you still have problem logging in to the stepup site?

Best regards,

#1978 by doder1
December 5th, 2015, 1:39 pm
Yes, it works now, thank You. Annoying thing now is that I didn't get K10 dsp label :roll:
#1984 by luigichelli
December 16th, 2015, 12:05 pm
Dear doder1,
if you PM me your address we will send it without additional costs.
Sorry for the inconvenience.