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#2763 by Claudia
November 22nd, 2017, 5:57 pm

Setting up and managing complex sound systems easily through a highly intuitive user interface has become more than a popular demand – it is a reality.
Armonía Pro Audio Suite has raised the bar by offering a number of unique features making your system safer and better sounding, especially in combination with Powersoft DSP technology.
With Armonía, system designers and operators have new and unique tools to significantly improve sonic performance and system reliability.

OEM manufacturer can display a system based on Powersoft amp modules as his own, providing a powerful environment and yet supporting its own brand identity.

For further information on the new features and downloading the Suite please visit the dedicated website:

- New features -

* New Custom Interface for Operators in the Web-App hosted by the DSP+D amplifiers with support for Advanced matrix control, paging and a built-in audio file player (new firmware required)
* Import of audio files for the audio player in DSP+D and Backup/Restore of the configuration from Armonia
* Our EAW Greybox presets loading on X and DSP+D is now supporting variable High Pass Filter Frequency and automatic type selection

- New products supported -

* DSP-Lite is now supporting LiteMod 4HC

- Improvements -

* Faster operation of the Advanced EQ and snapshots loading on Quattrocanali and Duecanali DSP+D models (new firmware required).

For the details of the speaker preset library available in this release click here.

Rev 2.10.3 Date: 22/12/2017

- Update speaker preset library -
* Update Bose speaker presets
* Add Coda Audio speaker presets
* Add Dynacord speaker presets

- Bug fixes -
* Interactive tuning: curves partially rendered in certain math operations
* OperatorView: refresh doesn't occur after scene recall
* OperatorView: add popup notification when the system is busy and the user tries to load a scene
* OperatorView Web: empty page displayed after login
* SystemSave: prompt not showing after deleting a virtual device and closing Armonia
* SystemList: crash after pressing link id column
* RackControl: items not properly placed after a scene recall from OperatorView
* Advanced Groups possible duplication after a system recall
* FirmwareUpdater: alert box displayed before firmware update is started

-For the firmware updating please visit this page.