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#2912 by Claudia
April 18th, 2018, 3:53 pm

Setting up and managing complex sound systems easily through a highly intuitive user interface has become more than a popular demand – it is a reality.
Armonía Pro Audio Suite has raised the bar by offering a number of unique features making your system safer and better sounding, especially in combination with Powersoft DSP technology.
With Armonía, system designers and operators have new and unique tools to significantly improve sonic performance and system reliability.

OEM manufacturer can display a system based on Powersoft amp modules as his own, providing a powerful environment and yet supporting its own brand identity.

For further information on the new features and download the Suite please visit the dedicated website:

- New features
* Add Advanced eq, Speaker Eq and Output eq import based on XML file for X Series, Ottocanali DSP+D, Quattrocanali DSP+D and Duecanali DSP+D
* Add option to lock on startup Operator view (Warning: this cause out of synch devices to be forcefully realigned to Armonía silently)
* Add "skip this version" option when a new version is displayed in auto-update window
* Add "Check for updates" in About box
* Faster Interactive tuning live curve refresh

- Bug fixes -
* Minor fixes
* Interactive tuning
- Reset selection after a math operation
- Curve math merge operation fail in some circumstances
- Crash if curve doesn't have coherence
* Advanced Eq Groups: Missing polarity reverse effect on phase
* Crash when closing login window with Alt+F4
* Firmware updater show an invalid error message when installing firmware from USB
* Speed up and memory optimization

For the details of the speaker preset library available in this release click here.

-For the firmware updating please visit this page.