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#2053 by richardssllc
April 2nd, 2016, 10:55 pm
The latest update is many months late, yet you still didn't fix all the bugs.
More than a year ago, I specifically pointed out the failure of the X-series amplifiers icons to "snap" into the rack space positions in the workspace. The K-series amps have done that properly as long as I've used Armonia. How difficult can it be to make the X- icons do the same thing?

And speaking of late, WTH is the pink noise feature for the X-series amplifiers? That was promised more than a year ago as well.

I like your amplifiers, but am very disappointed and frustrated by your slow, slow, slow software updating..
#2116 by GianniLuca
June 10th, 2016, 4:51 pm
Hi Richard,
yes, it has been fixed in the new upcoming release (if I understood well what the reported bug was).

The only reason for such a slower release for the 2.8 version is that other things had to be included
and of course, sometime, resolving problems due to interactions between the many features of Armonia
might result in a slow (slow slow) process which due to variables might not be 100% under control all the time.

What 2.8 will include will be officially stated on the website at the proper time but there is one thing that I can assure you:
the 2.8 will not include the noise generator that you have been asking for months, I am sorry.
Although, the constancy that you used with reminding us about the noise gen feature made us think a lot (me particularly)
so I suggested to evaluate another way to quickly include a noise gen for the X series which hopefully should not be related to
any new upcoming updates of Armonia.

A forum is not the right place to make promises so I won't but, also thanks to your help, I can see that a good cool handy feature
could be developed and included in the mid/near future.

Stay with us on this, you will be one of the first one to try it among the users, at least I will do my best to make it happen.
All the best for now.
(please don't ask details as I cannot publicly state them)
#2195 by richardssllc
September 25th, 2016, 7:47 pm
I didn't like your answer at the time, and I still don't like it - several more months later. Regardless, I do appreciate that you did answer.
I welcome the opportunity to try a long-overdue pink noise (and tone) test output feature - which so many of your amplifier manufacturer competitors have already provided for many years. Please send to me via PM or e-mail ASAP, and I will evaluate promptly for us.
#2206 by GianniLuca
September 29th, 2016, 2:05 pm
Good day Richard,

my answer was not given to be liked or disliked, it stated a fact and explained few things which I thought you might appreciate as a PS user.

Since you didnt appreciate the info I gave you I will stop right here and contact you when there will be a version for you to test with the selected features, unfortunately I cannot push specific developments on just 1 person request BUT, like I said before, it is indeed in our plans.
Since then I wish you all the best on your gigs and I wish you to find an external pink noise generator that will suite you at best.

Kind regards