Anything about the software inside the hardware incl FW package for download...
#373 by ThomasM
January 6th, 2011, 2:55 am
Hi SpinZN,

Generally, you'll need to contact Martin Audio for anything regarding these amplifiers, including support or update of firmware.

However, we may save you some time by stating that, unless you have any particular problem with an amplifier related with firmware, you are probably OK and don't need an update. There might not even an update being available since the version you currently have.

Since you are here, let's assume you were asking because you figured that your amps wouldn't show up in Armonía; so, you suspect that it's a firmware issue. Rightfully so, because the firmware in a Martin Audio amp is different from e.g. a Powersoft amp. That's a fact, and there's not much to do to change that: attempting to work around it yourself will end unsuccessfully, you bet. We're not recommending to try it, and we're not in the position to change it, either.

Hope you understand. Don't worry, you've still got great amps! ;)