Anything about the software inside the hardware incl FW package for download...
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May 29th, 2013, 3:29 pm
In the effort of improving the updating process of firmware in your existing Powersoft K Series and Duecanali amplifiers for them to be fully compatible with Armonía, we are providing here a Firmware Updater packages for download, separately for K Series and Duecanali.

By downloading the file package you acknowledge having read and understood the following:

The ZIP package contains
  • a PDF guide/manual for the udpate procedure - please read and follow it carefully!
  • a ZIP package of the Firmware Updater software (v1.1.32) - running on an MS Windows PC
  • the latest amplifier firmware file (v5.3.8) - with suffix .pff
  • a KAESOP firmware file (v5.3.8) - with suffix .bin - for amplifiers equipped with a KAESOP Ethernet interface

Required hardware
- K Series or Duecanali amplifiers with either KAESOP or serial RS485 interface (only Powersoft, not other brand versions)
- SmartCard(s) compatible with K Series/Duecanali
- PC with MS Windows and either Ethernet port (for amps with KAESOP), or RS485 port/adaptor (for amps with serial port)
- wiring according to required Ethernet or serial communication
- stable and uninterrupted mains (AC) power

- Again, please read and strictly follow the procedure!
- Do not interrupt the update process!
- Do not interrupt the mains (AC) power!
- Do not load K Series firmware into Duecanali, or vice versa!
- Later the SmartCard(s) used will not work as Preset Card(s) anymore.
- You are performing the firmware update at your own risk! Faults and defects due to incorrect updates are not covered by warranty. If you prefer, please contact the nearest Powersoft service center, or Powersoft direct, for an experienced technician to perform the update.

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