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All D-Cell504 and DigiMod Series amp modules integrating a DSP can be programmed by using one of the DSP Programming Boards, available in LITE and PRO versions.

Both of them act as an interface for controlling and programming the DSP on the amplifier by using SigmaStudio™ software on a PC, connected via USB to the programming board which, in turn, is connected to the amp module or the DSP boards through a programming cable.

The DSP programming boards are a tool needed by the loudspeaker engineer during the design phase in order to be able to change, program and store DSP presets on the amp module, with the possibility of listening in realtime the result of the processing and precisely tailoring the DSP design to your needs.

Programming Board Pro

Programming Board Pro


With the PRO version of the programming board you will also be able to dramatically increase the speed and reliability of operation during the production process: the DSP Programming Board PRO, in fact, is able to store its own memory up to 50 banks (4 presets each), representing the DSP content of different products, loudspeaker versions or combination.

Moreover, storing presets banks from an amplifier onto the DSP Programming Board PRO or, viceversa, downloading the content of 4 presets simultaneously from the programmer to the amplifier, is a PC free operation: powered by the amplifier itself, the board doesn't require the use of SigmaStudio, avoiding any possible mistake during the programming process or the need of having a skilled engineer taking care of storing the DSP content during normal production operations.

The DSP Programming Board PRO does it all in just a few seconds (typically 10-15 seconds to read or write a bank of 4 presets), and it performs a double CRC check, advising about any possible unsuccessful operation with both visual and audible signalation.

Finally, the DSP Programming Board PRO can be used as a useful tool when you need to quickly update the DSP content of many products, maybe in a system previously installed or for a custom production, still guaranteeing fast and error-proof operations.



Programming Board User Guide (1.81 MB)

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