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Armonía ProManager is the dedicated software tool aimed to configure any IK combination.

With Armonía ProManager, OEMs can initialize products as proprietary while displaying branding information, the name and serial number of the loudspeaker system, the product name and family as well as product images and brief descriptions. This level of customization and added visibility adds another dimension of value for the manufacturer.

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1. Initialise DSP as Powersoft
This process of initialization will allow the DSP to take care of the processing and the level of the input signal, according to the known characteristics of your Powersoft amplifier module to which the DSP is associated to. Furthermore this process will also identify your DSP as part of a Powersoft structure, which will permit you to discover the device online in Armonía. The latter is a fundamental requirement in order to create your original processing and to apply your proprietary DSP presets designed for your whole finished system.


2. Work on Armonía with a Powersoft model
At this stage you should have already initialized your DSP board as a Powersoft model. This includes also some default presets' schemes designed by Powersoft, which are intended to represent a good starting point for your evaluation of the amplifier, for a proper tuning of your speaker and for desired signal processing that you want to apply on your finished product. The final steps of this chapter will also guide through the process of exporting the presets that you have designed as .pam files. The exportation of these presets is an essential action if you desire to create a custom model for Armonía. In fact, you will be asked to import them on following steps.


3. Create your Custom Model
This time we will give birth to the custom model, which represents your finished product (speaker, rack amp) that you aim to manage using Armonía. In fact we will create a software plug-in so that the Armonía ProAudio Suite is able to accept and to recognise your custom model as it was defined.


4. Initialise your DSP as a Custom model
If you have come to this stage it means that you have created a software plug-in for Armonía which contains all the parameters, names, descriptions and presets that characterise your finished product. Here we show how to straightforwardly initialise each of your products with custom settings. This may represent a good solution if, in Armonía, you want to immediately identify your proprietary product with the parameters that characterise it.


5. Work on Armonía with a Custom model
From this step onwards your product will appear and will be recognised in Armonía as custom and the model will include all the proprietary processing and customization that you have applied using the Armonía ProManager.

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