DEVA System Manager – DSM – is the web application running on the PDD that provides control, monitoring and configuration of the network of DEVA.

DEVA System Manager is scalable: it lets you control a single Powersoft DEVA or configure a very large network of multiple devices.

DEVA System Manager is a client that can be accessed directly from the web browser on the PDD and any registered client (e.g. a laptop or an iPad) on the same network of the PDD.

Latest version of the DEVA System Manager can be freely downloaded from the DEVA website: http://deva.powersoft.it/software/

Powersoft DEVA Director – PDD

The Powersoft DEVA Director – PDD – is a personal computer implementing a custom GNU/Linux based operating system: the PDD provides a client-server environment that allows the user to easily manage the network of DEVA.

Both the DEVA and the PDD must be connected to the same network; this means that all devices have to be either hosted by the same Wi-Fi access point or wired and sharing the same subnet and IP range.

The web server built in the PDD provides access to the DEVA System Manager both via the PDD itself and any external web client.

Once configured, DEVA is designed to work stand alone, even if the connection with the PDD falls.

In systems with more than one DEVA the PDD is essential to synchronize the audio playback.

The ISO image of the latest version of the Powersoft DEVA Director can be freely downloaded from DEVA website: http://deva.powersoft.it/software/

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