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Barrella Eventos highlights its projects with Powersoft

17 November 2016

Sao Paulo, Brazil. November 17th, 2016. Barrella Eventos is a company specialized in rental, production and installation of audio equipment, lighting, projection, LED screens, structures and power generators.

Based in Sao Paulo, they have been acting in the event market since 1992 providing services for trade shows, conferences, conventions, fashion shows, live performances and others all over Brazil.

In its products stock used for every project, Barrella Eventos has Powersoft amplification, which have been using since 2004 together with different audio systems from brands like TW Audio, Bose, JBL, DAS Audio and RCF.

“In fact, we have bought some audio equipment through German company TW Audio and they always recommend and even sell their systems with Powersoft amplifiers. We have a great relationship with TW Audio and Fabiano Rezende, technical Support Chief for Universal Music - Powersoft’s distributor in Brazil - is the one who takes charge of our equipment’s maintenance”, said Giancarlo Barrella, technical director of the company.

Barrella Eventos has currently around 36 Powersoft amplifiers in stock, including K10, K8, K6, K3, 4004 and 4002 models, that are in constant use for different applications. “They are just amazing, small, easy to use, with built-in DSP, and 100% safe”, Giancarlo detailed.

One more year, that variety of Powersoft’s amplifiers was part of the company’s success and many events done in 2016, among which we can highlight three big ones: the Arraial do Fervo party in June, the Woods SP nightclub and the Helvétia All Night electronic music festival.

Arraial do Fervo
The Arraial do Fervo event, organized by Agencia Haute, was carried out in the Sociedad Hípica Paulista venue in Sao Paulo, celebrating a typical Brazilian party done every year during June. This was the first edition and had shows of several country music group like Matheus Minas and Leandro & Loubett, plus the presentation of a children’s attraction called “Galinha Pintadinha”, in which Barrella and Powersoft participated before some 2,000 people.

Besides stage structure and roof, lighting system and power generators, Barrella provided a TW Audio sound System containing 12 x Vera 10 cabinets plus four B30 and a BSX, together with a AVID Venue Mix Rack console, all supervised by the company’s technician Paulo Alexandre Gonçalves de Oliveira.

Regarding amplifiers, there were four Powersoft K3 with DSP inside the TW Audio equipment, since they are part of the system and recommended by the manufacturer.

“The TW Audio system with Powersoft amplifiers are the perfect match. Presets come ready from the factory, so the only thing we have to do is connect it. It’s very easy to use and provides an impressive result”, Giancarlo commented.
Woods SP
Woods SP also in Sao Paulo is a country music nightclub for live shows that has been acting since 2010 and attract an audience of up to 1,200 people every night, where many of the best Brazilian “sertanejo style” music groups have performed.

When the nightclub decided to renew its entertainment systems three years ago, they didn’t hesitate on calling Barrella Eventos. Rafael Setrak, one Woods owners, invited the company to participate of the acoustic project. So Barrella decided to contact its big friend, and TW Audio, Andreas Smith who took care of selecting the best audio system for this venue.

The PA and side delay system which has been installed, and Barrella still provided maintenance when needed, is composed of 12 x TW Audio Vera 10 speakers with two Powersoft K3 amplifiers with DSP, four TW Audio B30 with one Powersoft K3 amplifier with DSP, one TW Audio BSX with one Powersoft K3 amplifier with DSP and two TW Audio M10 with one Powersoft K3 amplifier with DSP.

The amplification system is located in a special rack behind the stage and for installing all the project they used Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite control software.

Regarding consoles, a Soundcraft SI Performance 3 plus a Mini Stage Box were installed.

“Once again the TW Audio and Powersoft combination was perfect, chosen for its excellent quality and safety”, said the company’s technical director. “Everything fitted perfectly, both the speakers and the amplifiers, which are small, have a great quality and high power. We always get the best comments both from the nightclub’s owners and the bands operators that play there”.

Helvétia All Night
Last but not least, Helvétia All Night was carried out at the end of July in the city called Indaiatuba, approximately 90 Km from Sao Paulo, and had the performance of eight different DJs diferentes, both local and international ones, that played for 3,000 people.

As part of the lighting and sound system supply, Barrella Eventos used 24 x JBL Vertec 4888 speakers (PA), six JBL Vertec (front), 24 x JBL SRX 728 for sub and DJ Booth plus a TW Audio system composed of six Vera 10 plus four B30.

This time three Powersoft K3s with DSP were used in the monitoring system and six Powersoft K8s for the sub system.

There were three technicians from the company - Eder Moura, Boca and Alexandre - providing support in situ and taking care of the system’s assembly, who reported an “Impressive result. Powersoft’s amplifiers were perfect providing an excellent power and absolute operation safety”.

Many more event news will come from Barrella Eventos and Powersoft in 2017. We will be waiting for them!









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